Commercial Floor Stripping and Waxing

We are proud to be one of the most experienced in providing strip and wax commercial cleaning services in the New Jersey area for the last 25 years. Our commercial cleaning company has the appropriate products that do not contain any harsh chemicals, we are fully insured which is an added level of professionalism to our commercial cleaning company.

Commercial floor stripping and waxing is one of our company’s expertise. Our process is pretty thorough starting with the removal of old wax (if any), and dirt from hard flooring surfaces such as vinyl composite tile, also known as VCT. The main objective is to completely remove the old finish and add the new layer of wax or finish to the surface to restore its appearance.


How to Strip and Wax Commercial Floors?

The stripping and waxing commercial floor is pretty thorough which includes the following: cleaning the area by removing any furniture or equipment. Sweeping and dusting to remove any loose dirt or debris, stripping to break down the old wax by using special chemicals, rinsing the floor with clean water, neutralizing solution is added to remove the stripping chemical, and now the floor is ready for the waxing or sealant.

The waxing or sealing is added on the dry floor multiple times (if needed) to ensure the floor has the ideal level of protection and shine appearance. The final and most important step is buffing the floor using our high end equipment to enhance the shininess and smoothness of the wax.

Of course, every job we do is slightly different but overall these are the most common steps we take for strip and wax commercial cleaning.  

What is included for the Stripping Floor services?

Once we have removed the old layer of wax or sealant, the new layer is added. The new protective layer of wax is meant to maintain the appearance, durability, and cleanliness of the floor. In addition, the new layer of protection will reduce the possibility of scratches, stains, and wear over the years.

Each strip and wax commercial job is different. It depends on your own selection of wax or finish depending on the floor type of level of shine and protection.

The application of the wax is a pretty tedious and technical step. We ensure a thin layer of wax is added using our specialized equipment. This same step is repeated as many times needed as agreed by our team and the client. This step is vital as most commercial cleaning companies have a hard time being consistent with the wax being applied evenly to avoid streaks or uneven coverage.

What are some tips for Strip & Wax Commercial floors?

How to strip and wax concrete floors?

The process is pretty much the same as mentioned above, however, we will need to apply a concrete degreaser to ensure the concrete floor doesn't have any hard to remove stains. Overall, the process is pretty much the same as any other vinyl ceramic tile or floor.

How long does it take to strip and wax 1000 square feet?

I would be hard to say an exact time estimate. However, depending on the factors included in the process, it can take anywhere between four to eight hours to complete a 1000 square foot area.

How long does it take for commercial floor wax to dry?

The drying process can take between 1 hour to 2 hours depending on the size and the flooring material.

When to Strip & wax vs. Scrub & recoat your commercial floors?

The strip and wax is a more intensive process as you are removing a current layer of wax and adding a new one. The main reason to do a strip and wax is if your floor is heavily worn with visible scratches. However, a scrub and recoat is less intensive as it is only doing a deep floor cleaning and applying a new coat of wax to protect the existing finish.  In other words, you only might need a scrub and recoat if your floor is still in good condition with minor wear and scratches.

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"Fast and efficient janitorial Service. The workers were very fast and professional. I loved the notice of detail."

- KBS Services LLC

Ronald Richards


"I ordered for a Strip & Wax on our floors, since their was a lot of damage. I called for the service, they were responsible and I am impressed with the outcome. You cant tell there was damage."

- Stop & Shop Stores-NJ

Jessica Robinson

Legal consultant

"Very nice people, I left a massage and within minutes I received a phone call and got a quote on the service. I would recommend their service, they are fast and work amazing."

- Catholic Charities

Eleanor Pena


Our process for Strip & Wax Services


1. Get a Quote

The first initial step is to get a quote from our team, this involves inspecting your premises to ensure you are getting a fair estimate.


2. Scheduling a time and date

Once we have provided you with a quote, you give us a call to schedule your ideal date and time.


3. Cleaning process

Once we have confirmed our date and time our commercial cleaning will arrive at the building location.


4. Job Completed successfully

Once the strip and wax is completed, our next step is to schedule a follow up service to come back periodically and maintain your building in great condition. 


5. Follow up Services

Due to the fact that we have been in business for over 25 years, our commercial cleaning service speaks for itself. We will set up a periodic and cost effective maintenance program to keep your building looking at its best. 

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"Hiring a commercial building company can be overwhelming. Luckily, BMI Janitorial has been helping church buildings, office buildings, supermarket stores, factories and more with their commercial cleaning needs. For the last 25 years, our commercial clients continue to trust us as their ideal commercial cleaning company due to the high quality of work and years of experience in the industry. Let us help you with your commercial building!"

- Shannon, owner of BMI Janitorial Commercial Cleaning Services

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