What is Post Contruction Cleaning?

After all the dust settles and the construction work is complete, itthorough cleaning and tidying up of a construction site after the building or renovation work has been completed.

Post construction cleaning  involves removing debris, dust, and construction-related residues to ensure a clean, safe, and presentable space. Whether it's a newly built commercial building, a renovated office space, or a remodeled retail store, post construction cleaning will tidy up your project.  

What does post construction cleaning include?

Post-construction cleaning includes dusting air diffusers, cleaning restroom fixtures, tidying up light fixtures, spot-cleaning walls and indoor glass surfaces, removing paint overspray, mopping floors, treating carpeting and flooring, moving or lifting furniture, and cleaning upholstery and large appliances.

Cleaning up after construction

Post-construction cleaning is a specialized task that demands trained professionals due to safety hazards, specialized cleaning techniques, and attention to detail required.

BMI has theknowledge and experience to navigate potential risks, use appropriate cleaning methods, and ensure a meticulous cleaning of every corner. Entrusting post-construction cleaning to professionals guarantees a safe and thorough cleaning process, meeting the highest standards of quality.

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"Fast and efficient janitorial Service. The workers were very fast and professional. I loved the notice of detail."

- KBS Services LLC

Ronald Richards


"I ordered for a Strip & Wax on our floors, since their was a lot of damage. I called for the service, they were responsible and I am impressed with the outcome. You cant tell there was damage."

- Stop & Shop Stores-NJ

Jessica Robinson

Legal consultant

"Very nice people, I left a massage and within minutes I received a phone call and got a quote on the service. I would recommend their service, they are fast and work amazing."

- Catholic Charities

Eleanor Pena


Our process for post construction cleaning


1. Get a Quote

The first initial step is to get a quote from our team, this involves inspecting your premises to ensure you are getting a fair estimate.


2. Scheduling a time and date

Once we have provided you with a quote, you give us a call to schedule your ideal date and time.


3. Cleaning process

Once we have confirmed our date and time our team will arrive at the construction site.


4. Job Completed successfully

Once the post construction cleaning job is completed, our next step is to schedule a follow up service if necessary.


5. Follow up Services

Due to the fact that we have been in business for over 25 years, our post construction cleaning service speaks for itself.

Need a Post Construction Cleaning Service?

Your Commercial Cleaning Team!

"Hiring a commercial building company can be overwhelming. Luckily, BMI Janitorial has been helping church buildings, office buildings, supermarket stores, factories and more with their commercial cleaning needs. For the last 25 years, our commercial clients continue to trust us as their ideal commercial cleaning company due to the high quality of work and years of experience in the industry. Let us help you with your commercial building!"

- Shannon, owner of BMI Janitorial Commercial Cleaning Services

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